3D printers aren’t just for the nerdy millennials on top of their game anymore. Soon, everyone’s going to have one—because most of us, or more than 2.2 billion of us, already own half of the hardware in our pockets.

OLO is the first ever 3D printer that prints directly from your smartphone, and is equal parts brilliant and mind-boggling. It just takes the white light emission from your smartphone’s screen to print 3D objects. Made of only seven parts, one chip and one motor, it works with smartphones of almost any size or brand—even large 5.5 inch displays such as iPhone 6S+ or Galaxy A7. To find a design you want to print, you can scroll through OLO’s library or create your own with any 3D scan software, including Autodesk 123D Catch.

The device is still up on Kickstarter through April, though they raised far beyond their goal of $80,000—we’re talking $723,000+. By September 2016, for just $99, you’ll be able to make whatever you want—like a prosthetic penis or fake Cheetos if you ever find the need for ’em.