Remember Brenna, the ambitious recent college grad who wants to become Wall Street’s new ‘money honey’? Last week we posted her video resume and did a little digging into her past.

Now it looks like she’s one step closer to her goal. posted this little interview montage with Brenna this morning.

She’s obviously grown up so much! Choosing not to emulate her idols, but ‘take them to a new level’ – intense. She’s also making another video? Sweet, I can’t wait. Hopefully it will include more strangely angled soliloquies and cute Chinese phrases.

I wonder if Jim Cramer and the rest of TheStreet gang are aware of her Linkin Park obsession yet? Or maybe they’re all big fans of the pornographic film star she ‘supposedly’ resembles?

Any other embarrassing video resumes we should be aware of? Send us your findings or leave some love/hate in the comments.

TheStreet: I Want To Be Maria, June 18, 2008