The Dow is sliding below 9,000 again today on news of some rough economic reports and JP Morgan Chase unleashing the beginnings of possible disappointment. Say it ain’t so JP, you’re our last hope!

Speaking of last hopes, while kicking off today’s liveblog from Wall Street I snapped this picture outside the New York Stock Exchange. Looks like Optimus Prime is up in this piece getting ready to kick some ass!

In reality, this truck, (the Navistar International LoneStar, a new heavy duty Class 8 truck with sleek, aerodynamic design and fuel efficient performance which can save between $7,000-$10,000 per year in fuel costs versus the current “classic” model of trucks on the road today) is sitting out here because Navistar is sponsoring today’s NYSE banner and rang the opening bell.

Which has to be true, because if it was actually Optimus Prime, he would be on the exchange floor shorting the shit out of JP Morgan and macking it hardcore to Nicole Petallides. That’s just how he rolls. (more photos after the jump):

A local elementary school took a little field trip down to the NYSE to stand in awe of this badass truck. I even heard one kind scream, ‘This rules!’, although he might have also been talking about the bailout. He seemed somewhat financially precocious:

I guess this ‘no fancy cars’ sign doesn’t apply when a truck manufacturer sponsors the opening bell?:

More on the military truck coming up:

NYSE: Navistar, October 15, 2008