It was finally confirmed what I knew all along. Option volume is at its highest in history. Just by looking at the volume of trading in Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) alone one can figure this out. It is enormous. As more and more investors educate themselves in option trading, the more option volume picks up. The Options Industry Council and the Options Clearing Corp said Monday the options volume was up 29.9% to a record 14.9 million contracts on Friday. I also realized that volume was big when my Optionsxpress account this morning said “Due to heavy volume, order status may not be available”. OptionsXpress is more capable than any platform to handle heavy volume so it I knew it had to be a record. I also talked a few floor traders who said they were exhausted after Friday. Not only was Friday a big day but average option volume has spiked from 5.9 million contract to 9.3 million contracts for the entire year to date. The International Securities Exchange (ISE) also said they eclipsed option volume trading records. It is becomming more and more clear that even if the market tanks, one of the best places to be are in the brokers, platforms, and exchanges.