Ok my last options play stunk. I lost $1750 quickly on DNA. Sales were fine but profit was not what people expected and drug sales of a few of their “star” drugs were below expectations. Here’s today’s . You could probably see where I was headed if you read the last few days worth of articles. I like Pixar or PIXR for all you ticker only readers. Many think it is priced to perfection but I think it is a perfect stock. It doesn’t mess up often. I think it may be priced high under the rules as we know it but that will change very soon. I wrote a little article on the deal I see coming and how it will affect Pixar. The play I like is 20 Feb 60 calls at $2.20. I think the new deal will send the stock much higher. There are rumors of a takeover. No way this happens but it holds the shorts in hand until the real announcement. Enjoy and check my “long term” option trades to the right. Forex brokers commission stock Apple Steve Jobs ipod nemo macbook pro blackberry