I hate being in a stock he talks about on his program but if I have to chose I would rather be on the long side. He started the show off and talked about how much growth OXPS had and how Wallstreet will pay big money for their 85% growth. Tell me something I didn’t know Jim. ISE is the options exchange king as well. Then this followed this morning. I hardly ever get a stock with this much great news in one day

DART Daily Average Revenue Trade

7:33AM OptionsXpress reports average January daily average revenue trades up 111% from year ago (OXPS) 28.74 -1.00 : OXPS reports daily average revenue trades (D.A.R.T.s) of 32,700, up 111% from Jan. 2005 and up 43% from Dec. 2005. Co reports net new customer accounts of 5,300. Ending customer accounts of 167,100, 59% higher than Jan. 2005 and 3% higher than December 2005. Ending client assets of $3.7 bln, 84% higher than Jan. 2005 and 10% higher than Dec. 2005. Ending margin balances of $117 mln, 42% higher than Jan. 2005 and 1% higher than Dec. 2005.