Not sure how to organize a closet? Never given it any thought? It’s OK. You’re not alone. We asked closet expert – yes, a closet expert is a thing exists – Lisa Adams to give us a few tips on organizing and improving a closet. Adams, who is the CEO and designer of LA Closet Design, has worked with Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal and the Lakers’ Derek Fisher, among others.

She suggests:

Replacing all dry cleaning hangars with a uniform set of hangars

Making a section for everything – shoes, accessories, ties, belts, etc.

Purging anything you have not worn in a year

Eliminating odors with shoe inserts, drawers or liners for laundry and cedar or eucalyptus for drawers

Buying containers for accessories

Already have an organized closet? Adams says the next step is to add lighting. Drop lighting on shelves or on rods or add backlight to your shoe rack.

Why go the extra mile? The same reason you go the extra mile for anything — pride, women or both.

“Your closet does say what your personality is like, whether you’re Type A or Type B or Type A-B. It’s a reflection,” Adams says. “Are they organized? Do they take pride in their possessions? Is everything a mess? It says a lot.”