Duffelup.com is a trip planning online tool that equates to a real life duffel bag full of sticky notes, guide books, clothes, and, yes, your toothbrush. Your momma would be proud. The difference, of course is that it’s not quite as messy as a real life duffel would be, it’s a little tidier, and probably not stained with…whatever it was leaking onto your bag in the cargo hold of the plane you took to your last Alaskan Drinking Adventure.

It’s pretty simple (though, hard to tell exactly how things work from their site). You sign up for a free account, then drag a widget to your toolbar. It’s nothing too obtrusive and is just as easily removed when your trip is over. Then, when you see a site, destination, restaurant, person, or anything else online you’d like to be part of your trip, click “Add to Duffel.” 

Built into the tool is map building and itinerary planning so you can literally lay out your vacation chronologically or geographically once you’ve got all the pieces you want in your “duffel.” Confused? Maybe you should just watch their video, visual learner.