Do you and your buddies shop at, like, the same three clothing stores? This could potentially result in some frustrating moments where two of you realize you’re matching a little too adorably.

But here’s the remedy: find some places to shop that your friends haven‘t tainted. And what better way than looking across the pond? The British t-shirt company Origin ‘68 produces unique designs that the people you surround yourself with probably haven’t found yet.

Origin ‘68 has a ton of clever, cool-looking shirts designed in-house and by guest artists from around the world. Their Human Being t-shirt is in pre-sale right now and blowing up. Our guess is if you get in on this now, you’ll be way ahead of the curve States-side, and it won’t be long before your friends are decked out in Origin ‘68 gear as well. At least you’ll all know who had it first–and they’ll be the ones running home to change. Bonus: they ship anywhere in the world–for free. The shirts go for around $30.00 and can all be found on their site here.