There is a lot of speculation about who will replace Hank Paulson as the next Secretary of the Treasury. Especially during the financial crisis, the position has taken on a new amount of weight, authority, and importance. Did you know the Secretary of the Treasury is 5th in line to become the Commander In Chief if the Prez is assassinated or resigns? Surprisingly high, right?

Well, join us on a stroll down memory lane of our 22 favorite photos of the baldest Secretary of the Treasury since Lot Myrick Morrill watched over our money in 1877.

22. “Feed Me.”

21. Pumpin’ Up The Jams

20. Smelling Trouble

19. “Lovin’ That Tie, Bro!”

18. Putting The Pads On At Dartmouth

17. Wearing A Fancy Jacket

16. “Definitely NOT Crying.”

15. “I Only Bust Out The Tux When The Economy Is Really Screwed”

14. Ordering Chinese After A Long Day

13. Getting Ready To Dazzle You With A Well-Thought-Out Response To That Question

12. The Goldman Boys Are Back In Town

11. Getting The Stink Eye

10. On The Steps Of Power

9. Seeing What The Future Holds

8. Going On An Adventure

7. Getting ‘Harshed On’ By The Peanut Gallery

6. Watching The Berlin Wall Fall With Daughter

5. Catching A Big One

4. Humping A Podium

3. About To Get ‘Terminated’ By Arnold

2. About To Get Sniped By Ben

1. Doing His Best Impersonation Of Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’

Photo credit to Fortune Magazine, The New York Times, Disco Tech, Reuters