So notorious golfing buddies Derek Jeter and President Barack Obama sat down for a one-on-one conversation featured on Jeter’s website, The Players Tribune.

Having previously accused him of hustling him out of money on the golf course, the president remains unafraid of taking jabs at the superstar athlete.

Here are some of the highlights.

“Find what you’re passionate about, and just work your tail off and success will come out.” —President Barack Obama

On retirement:
“Derek, you are somebody who has some experience hanging up the cleats here,” said Obama. “And I’m about to retire, I’m not quite as young as you but still relatively young… I mean, for a baseball player, you were old, man. Let’s face it. I mean come on man, we saw you trying to run those bases.”

On what they’d say to their younger selves:
“I can’t say that at 10 years old I was exceptional” Obama said, and “at 15 I was not the most responsible young man… I was getting by on charm…When I think back now I say if I just invested more time”—Jeter interrupts, “….things would have worked out a lot better for you.”

“I would tell myself to continue to work… at that age you have the dream but you can’t really see it,” said Jeter. “You just have to stay at it regardless of what people say.”

Jeter also revealed another piece of advice: Keep a diary. “In my final season I kept one… I wish I would have done that throughout my career.” He says he hasn’t looked back at that season-long diary yet, but we should hope that one day he releases it to the public.

On success:
“Find what you’re passionate about,” advised Obama. “And just work your tail off and success will come out.” 

On what’s next:
“I put everything into my career,” said Jeter. “I got the most out of my career and I was excited about new things to come… after retirement I slept, I don’t think I got up.”

“That is my intention as well,” concluded Obama. “I’m gonna catch up on some sleep.”

Watch the full video below…