As you may know, we recently launched the #NameMyMo contest. All it takes is facial hair and a knack for nifty nomenclature to potentially win a $500 Art of Shaving gift card. Need a little inspiration? Here are 11 entries on the right track. Deadline is December 9th, so get on it!

Sancho, @conferencetable


The Worth-a-Shot Stache, @todd_spence


The Lady Catcher, @big_jc_87


The 5 O’Clock Lazy, @MTLangford


The Mustache Formerly Known as Prince, @winstonious

The Doc HollahYay, @Liz_Grow


The Mobetta, @tastiecake731


The Say Cheese, @DSmulls


The Mexican Trucker, @StrickRoss


The Matisyahu, @jmad34


The Albino Caterpillar, @philhaney