put together this interesting little chart of all the times the media has used the word ‘recession’ vs. ‘depression’ recently.

I’m assuming they searched for depression used in a financial sense, otherwise maybe people are just depressed about rumors that Miley Cyrus will quit Hannah Montana, or whatever else it is people get depressed about non-fiscally these days.

In my opinion it’s just the mainstream media’s attempt to overemphasize what’s going on in the economy and on Wall Street. I don’t think there is any particular malice about it, in the way that some people are postulating the media want to destroy all the big banks with fear. I don’t give them enough credit to attempt that. It’s mostly just a lack of knowledge and the viewer’s ever-increasing ADD. If you can’t have two guys going at it live on air, you’ve gotta spice up your coverage with Great Depression analogies and synonyms for ‘meltdown’ and ‘collapse’. Anything to keep our mind off the fact that it’s complicated numbers and over-inflated values depreciating.

Gawker: Oh Good Grief, Don’t Blame The Meida For This, September 22, 2008