The Martin Aircraft Company’s jetpack has been around for some time, but until now, it’s mostly just been on the youtubes for your viewing pleasure. Finally, after much public anticipation, the wealthy-and-bored can finally purchase their own mass-produced jet pack for personal use. 

The Martin Jetpack is classified as an ultralight aircraft – basically a golf cart of the skies – so you don’t need a license to pilot one, though the site does suggest that “to attempt to fly any aircraft without professional instruction is extremely foolhardy.” It’s somehow appropriate that they use the word foolhardy. Surely if they saw one crash, their monocle would pop out comically. 

The jetpack runs on normal gasoline, has a five-gallon tank, and will burn through one tank of fuel over 30 minutes of flight time. It’s got a maximum vertical thrust of 600 pounds, but has a maximum horizontal speed of an astonishing 63 mph. This gives it a pretty decent range, actually, of 31.5 miles. If you’re willing to fill up on gas once a day, most Americans could probably take it to work. 

The engine is a Martin Aircraft 2.0L V4 2 stroke that generates 200hp. That’s about as much as these cars. What makes the jetpack fly, though, is its body and frame are made of carbon fibre composit, and the rotors direct the thrust specifically and efficiently in the opposite direction of intended travel. 

If you’re concerned about falling, helpless from the sky, you should be. However, the Martin Jetpack includes a number of safety features to keep you from doing so. The most important of which, in our opinion, is that the unit is self-correcting. That means, they say, you could literally take your hands entirely off the controls and it would hover in place. If that fails, or you don’t trust it, it also comes equipped with a ballistic parachute to allow you to float safely to ground in the event of engine failure. 

To buy one, go to the web site and place your order. However, be advised that you’ll need to put a 10% down payment ($9,000) down in order to just get on the year-long waiting list. At least that’ll give you time to earn 80,000 more dollars.