By Charley A. Prescott 

Nowadays men are rejecting hair-loss products, hair transplants and every other practice that attempts to target male hair loss. Instead they are opting to shave it all off and go bald, or pretty close to it. They have realized a sad truth: Trying to camouflage male pattern baldness rarely is successful. Most of the time it only brings more attention to the area where the hair is thinning.

What’s the solution? In terms of combating male pattern baldness, the battle is won by handling the transition in the proper manner. It’s best to either embrace baldness by shaving the hair off or pursue actual hair loss treatments that are often pricey and complicated.   

It’s all about how a guy chooses to approach his newfound look. We know for a fact that women absolutely love a man who has the confidence and style to pull off a bald head. According to Leslie Thompson of Chapel Hill, N.C., “My level of physical attraction to someone depends upon the entire package I see. Hair or no hair — a guy must be comfortable in his own skin.” 

Tips on making a bald head look great

– Avoid looking blah with a bald head by leaving a shadow of hair behind.  The “cue ball” look is not one that every man can pull off.  

– Highlight your facial features by growing a trim mustache or goatee.

– Make sure all visible hair on the face looks groomed, especially eyebrows.    

Bald celebrities

Countless men in the public eye are facing the world armed with a healthy dose of self-acceptance. Aside from some of our favorite bald celebs like Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan, guys like Andre Agassi, Samuel L. Jackson, Kelly Slater, Jason Statham and Chris Daughtry are defining the new school of style by proving that bald can be beautiful.              

(Charley A. Prescott is a freelance writer who specializes in fashion and grooming.)