You can drop a ton of cash on jewelry and roses for Valentine’s Day, but why not take that money and spend it on something you both can enjoy? Yup, a Valentine’s Day weekend trip, dummy.

Flights to anywhere in the Caribbean are super cheap in February, and whisking her away is going to score major points with her friends and family. What are you waiting for? Book that shit and throw the following items in your bag.

Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama… here you come.

1. Setter Swim Suit ($275, Orlebar Brown)
You’ll spend the majority of your daylight hours in a swimsuit, so make sure it’s a quality one, and then you won’t have to pack two.

2-3. Dranks T-Shirt ($24, Buy Me Brunch); Forward Triangle T-Shirt ($24, Saturdays NYC)
The goal of the weekend is to spend as much time as possible shirtless, but if any sort of day trip is in the cards, you’ll want to have a couple of t-shirts to throw on.

4. Boat Shoes ($155, Sperry)
You’ll also want to have your bare feet in the sand or the water for the majority of your trip, but the resort’s upscale restaurant probably requires shoes.

5-7. Plaid Poplin Shirt ($25, Lands End); Dotted Oxford Shirt ($20, Uniqlo); Manchester Red Gingham Shirt ($148, J Crew)
For a long weekend, you’ve got three nights of dinners, tops. Valentine’s Day dinner (which falls on a Saturday this year) will be the fanciest, but for the others, just pack casual button-downs.

8. Navy Linen Bow Tie ($15, The Tie Bar)
You’re in the tropics, so even at a nice dinner, you can go a bit casual. But if you put on a bowtie with a nice dress shirt, you can leave the blazer at home.

9-10. Classic Chinos ($40, Uniqlo); Dixon Slim Chinos ($148, Jack Spade)
Chinos make the perfect nighttime attire when you’re sitting oceanside and eating lobster. (Mmm, lobster.)

11. Austin Heller Loafers ($225, Tuckernuck)
If you want to step up a bit for your Valentine’s Day dinner, these loafers are perfect. Best part? No socks required.

12. Mariner Hunter Green Shorts ($75, Tuckernuck)
You’ll only need one pair of shorts in case you want to go somewhere other than the beach or the pool (or your hotel room). Try these.

13. The Perfect Getaway Dopp Kit ($68, Owen & Fred)
There’s no better place to stash your toiletries for this trip than in this über-apropos zipper bag.