As the genial host of 100 Things, Sebastian Terry totally enjoys attacking goals alongside his guests—often hilariously helping them in the process. But others that benefit, he suggests, are the instructors: “At the end you see it on the faces of these ‘dreamers’ but also on the faces of the coaches. We’re all just so stoked as we’ve all contributed to make this one thing happen.”

In the latest episode, we meet Veno Bender, whose family always has huge cookouts and is very competitive over who brings the best dish. He’d always wanted to learn how to make paella, Terry says, so they posted up just outside Madrid.

“We were introduced to Chef Miguel, a master chef who’s known to whip up incredible paellas. He took us into this awesome paella restaurant and had it all set up for us. The dish takes its name from the paellera, the utensil it’s cooked in. So we prepped all the ingredients: mussels, clams, prawns, chicken, rabbit—it was incredibly colorful. It was awesome to have this very hip, surfer chef take us through the process, which demands a lot of know-how and skill. We shared in the chopping up, but once again, I proved to be useless, while Vino was very good at it. At one point I spilled something, a huge mistake, which was quite funny. And as we were working, the crew behind the camera were just salivating with the aroma. Vino was completely surprised how well he did. And it was great to see him acquire a new skill—cooking up something spectacular for the whole family—and he’s now able to go back home and whip up a first-class paella for them.”

Watch the teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!