Ever since he was a little boy, Anthony Toth has been uniquely obsessed with the airline industry. While most of us were asking for something not exactly practical for our tenth birthdays, he pleaded with is parents to get him a subscription to the Official Airline Guide which lists a timetable of flight times – it’s the reference travel agents use.

Since, he hasn’t really let up. Shortly after his twelfth birthday he started construction on his first Pan Am replica cabin. Why would you do something like that? Because it’s classy as hell, friend. That’s why. This was the era of air travel when families got dressed up to get on an airplane, not dressed down.

About his obsession with airlines and especially the once-uber-classy Pan Am, Toth says, “There was no other aircraft I could walk on board that intrigued me more than the Pan Am cabin. Everything symbolized something. That meant something to me as a youngster… The brand was so powerful, he says. “They had this uncompromising standard of service.”

Hopefully we’re on our way closer to that standard of flight, and not further away. Head here for the full story and details about the apartment.