The wave of hybridized SLR and point-and-shoot cameras rolls on with the new Panasonic Lumix LX5. The Lumix line has single-handedly improved our Flickr accounts by way of their ‘vivid’ color setting alone, so the fact that this 10.1 megapixel unit with a Leica lens is only $500 makes it extremely appealing. And, unlike the early versions of the Lumix SLR, this one shoots 720p video. 

There’s a dial to adjust manual shutter, and aperture, so if you know enough about photography to want to change those things, but you don’t want to carry a bulky bag with 11 telephoto lenses around, the Lumix LX5 is a good (and, we must say, stylish) alternative for you. It comes in black and silver and can be pre-ordered here. Though, because of our reckless lifestyles, we’re always going to need the waterproof point and shoots (which Lumix also sells).