The Panasonic line of all-weather portable computers, the Toughbooks, have been a long-time favorite of Made Man. They’re not particularly svelte, you have to pay a little bit of a premium, but good lord they are really well-and-truly tough.  Make sure and watch the video all the way through to the end, as they’ve got a little surprise for you that’s well worth it. 

The model shown in the video is the CF-U1 handheld device, and it’s being pitted against not technically a jackhammer – it’s a Rammer (device used to pack down and level granular surfaces). This device in particular is pretty niche as it’s a UMPC that the average user would probably use for the same things as their smart phones. If you’re an engineer working on-site in a rainy climate, maybe. Otherwise, your average, clumsy joe who just knocks their laptop off their car roof or spills coffee on it on-the-weekly would be better served with some of their more traditional Toughbooks.