It’s here. The world’s first automatic pancake machine is here, and it is beautiful. A special little boy sat down to breakfast one day while watching an episode of The Jetsons… and apparently that little boy dared to dream. Throw out your griddle; this is how a true man does breakfast.

The ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine pumps out pancakes at a rate of 200 per hour, which is nothing short of ridiculous. Even if you ate two pancakes a minute for an hour, which would probably make you die, you would still have 80 pancakes leftover. So invite the neighbors over. Invite their neighbors over. Invite the next-town-over over. Open up shop and start charging at the door; people will flock for your hot, delicious pancakes. 

Designed for convenience stores, coffee shops, and cafeterias, we think having this in your home will impress your friends. Perhaps you’ll have an annual Pancake Eating Contest. Whoever eats the most pancakes gets to eat more pancakes. And, hey, any ladies who spend the night might be inclined to spend a few more just for the breakfast (particularly if you find that one special girl with a flapjack fetish.) The machine is about the size of a microwave so it’ll fit on any countertop. We suggest you put it in a place of prominence. At $3,500, it’s for the serious pancake-lover, but it is built to last for years.