This uniquely designed backpack is one of the finest examples of upcyclying that we’ve seen. The Pangolin Bag – named for the armor-plated, acid-shooting cousin of the armadillo – is made from recycled truck inner tubes.

Using sliding, overlapping sections, the backpack folds open along its one pivot where it is held together with a simple wing nut. It’s a large back with dimensions of 44x37x27 cm, so there’s plenty of space to fit a laptop with room to spare.

Inside the bag are designated sleeves for a laptop, cell phone, pens, an MP3 player with port to feed your ear buds through, and a durable, rip-stop lining. The bag closes using three magnetic contact points.

In addition to being a unique and uniquely functional, stylized messenger bag, this item complies with the criteria for Fair Trade, and is created only by Columbian workers that are at a social disadvantage (single mothers, refugees and Indians of the Camentsa tribe) that are paid above minimum wage and in closely-monitored working conditions.

It costs €195, and takes 3 to 4 weeks to deliver. [Buy it]