As you saw in Part 1, I am amazed at what people will put on their skin. Making matters worse, these people have to live with these the rest of their lives. These are more of the World’s Most Embarrassing Tattoos.

It only took 1 hour to turn his daughter from, “the kid with a cute smile” to the girl from the exorcist. Or “I didn’t know your wife is a ventriloquist?

This looks like ” A dirty deed . Done dirt cheap”

A McKauley Caulken tattoo is bad. A Michael Jackson tattoo is worse. Michael molesting McKauley, a lifetime of embarrassment

It’s not too bad if you lost on the red line and this guy is shirtless and standing in front of you on the train

As much as I like vegetable love, I didn’t realize that corn gave and broccoli took, until I saw this terrible tattoo on this guy’s very muscular arm. When he gets older and everything sags, it might turn to oral.

You really don’t want to see the joystick

Because ARITHMETIC just wouldn’t fit

I would have loved to see the face of the tattoo artist when the guy
brought it in the rough sketch of this one. He probably said ” Are you friends with the guy that got the Indian Humping the Corn Dog?”

Billy wanted to update his tattoo. Unfortunately it took 5 years to finally get right and then when it was finished everyone decided that the old version was just as good.

Hey Dude. You’re gonna frickin move in 3 years.

I’ll just wear this coat and tie and I don’t think anyone will notice.

No matter how many tats he gets. He is always going to look like Boy George

Everyone who is thinking about getting a tattoo. THIS is your future

He thought this would get cooler when she got the Vegas gig.

I’m guessing he also has a red van with tinted windows,
duct tape, and 3 large plastic bags

His arm tattoo didn’t take as much ink due to it’s small circumference so he went and used his balance on three belly circles.

It’s bad enough with one Jeff Gordon, but three? The bottom car is getting smashed more and more each year and every pound. A few million of these and we Republicans might actually get back the Senate.

His Mother must be so proud. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

No you’re not you’re missing an “E”

AOL speak and a sidekick. His Dad had a tat of a Texas Instruments calculator upside down that said HELL.

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