When people say “Spend Money like a Rock Star” they mean spend money like there’s plenty more where that came from. There usually isn’t in the rock world but they spend it anyway. Courtesy of Blender here are a few things your favorite rock stars have purchased with their hard earned money

Bono spent $1700 to have his favorite hat flown from London to Italy because he forgot it. It was
carried in the cockpit with the pilots. I can see them wearing it singing “Sunday Bloody Sunday” at the top of their lungs.

This is nothing compared to John Lennon who once spent $13,000 to book all the first class tickets on a plane so his son could set up his train set.

John Mayer recently spent $1700 on a Star Wars figure. Some 23 year comic book collector had no idea who he was bidding against.

Everyone knows Rod Stewart was a soccer player and loves the game but what you didn’t know was he spent $100,000 to have a replica field built to match his favorite team Celtics’ digs.

In one of the best investments Tommy Lee paid $4,000 (only 4K?) to have his own Starbucks franchise in his home. Damn that would be nice.

Kanye West is spending $350,000 to recreate the Sistene Chapel’s ceiling in his LA
home. It fits perfect because he thinks he’s a God anyway.

Everyone has a Rolls Royce but Nelly had his Mink lined.

Of course there’s Britney Spears. Besides spending $200 a day on coffee she spends $3000 on Japanese scissors to cut her hair. I can only imagine what Federline spends
all her money on.

My favorite spender is Mick Fleetwood who says he spent $8 million on cocaine. Really not the best investment in the world. He should have put it into Apple stock.

Elton John just buys anything and everything. He spent $205, 000 on flowers and spent $2 million a month for a while.

There are plenty of other stories but this just shows what I mean when I say spending like a rockstar. I’m sure some hedge fund managers, ceo’s, and traders could easily compete in the spending competition. They’ll be in another article.