You know Patagonia. They make jackets and backpacks and other stuff that comes in handy when hiking and camping.

All true. But through Patagonia Provisions, they also make outdoor-ready food, like oatmeal, soup and jerky.

And now, they make beer.

Sorry we buried the lede there. But yes, the guys behind your rugged snow pants have just introduced Long Root Ale in collaboration with Portland, Oregon-based Hopworks Urban Brewery. New beer is always good news, but this one is the first ever beer to be produced with Kernza, a perennial grain that is grown using regenerative practices and was developed by the Land Institute, an agricultural research company in Kansas. Because you knew these guys weren’t just going to create your average, mass-produced adjunct lager.

In addition to that Kernza, the pale ale is brewed with organic two-row barley, yeast and three kinds of hops. So it’s got plenty of flavor. And it gets its name from Kernza’s long root system, which allows it to thrive without tilling, thereby preserving top soil. Throw in the fact that it needs less water than conventional wheat and removes more carbon from the atmosphere, and you’ve got a beer you can feel really good about drinking.

Though, to be fair, you always feel good when drinking beer.