Patrick recently took me up on someone sending me some Fat Tire Beer. He was kind enough to send me some Fat Tire and some 1554 which he says may become my new favorite beer. Screw this “Buy Me a Beer” button BS. Someone actually sent me some beer. This is how the internet is supposed to work. Here is the email he sent me that had me rolling.

I sent out those beers today through UPS. I wrapped those beers like a new born baby coming home from the hospital for the first time. They should be safe on the trip to Illinois. I didn’t have the heart to put the incorrect return address because if they didn’t get to you, I just could not bear them not being drunk. But the name on the package is Travis Dolan, my friends fake id name in high school. Hope you enjoy the beers. I was able to package a six pack of Fat Tire and four 1554s. 1554 is about my favorite beer around and we have a lot of good beer here in Boulder.

Patrick only asked for one favor in return (this and a couple plants). A date with Lindsay from Wallstrip. Lindsay? Howard? The man bought me some Fat Tire, could you help me out and have Lindsay send him a thank you email with a photo or something, I think that equals a date in the internet world. He’s a big fan and I’m a big fan of good beer.