Comic Patton Oswalt appeared on Conan O’Brien where he explained how he and his daughter are dealing with his wife’s too-soon passing last year. What could have been an uncomfortable “I’m OK” exchange turned into a bittersweet story that is both a relief to us as fans and just a straight-up funny moment.

“I saw you right after Michelle passed away… and how are you doing? On a human level, what’s your life like? Are you holding up OK?” Conan asked with respectful trepidation.

“I mean, I’m here?” Patton replied. “I’m a widower. I’m a widower. I’m like every bad ’80s sitcom where there’s a dad raising a kid by himself and the mom is somehow… except my ’80s sitcom sucks. There’s insomnia, there’s me eating Cheetos for dinner. I’m waiting for my daughter to turn to the camera and go, ‘No wonder I’m in therapy!’”

Patton got tons of laughs and then told a charming story about how his daughter, now 6, is probably doing better than he is as she has a great group of friends and a supportive school. He also explained how, when he took his daughter away for the week of Mother’s Day to Chicago to get their minds off of things, an old Polish woman made the whole thing… weird. We won’t spoil that moment for you.

It’s a beautiful and heart-wrenching-but-funny story of dealing with loss while also having so much to live for. He’s a single dad, making it work, and finding his way back into comedy and he’s shown in this clip that he’s still got it despite whatever life throws at him.

Hats off to Patton, and we sure hope someone does indeed give him a TV show. We’d watch.