He is so mad he let Michael Jackson outbid him for his own music he’ll do anything to make some money. He constantly is suing Apple Computer for trademark on their Apple Corps music label. I guess nobody can use the word Apple again. Does someone have to pay The Beatles every time they eat a caramel Apple. So far they have sued Apple 3 times. Apple settled for $80,000, then $26 million, now they are suing for tens of millions because part of the previous agreements were that Apple Computers would stay out of the music business. Obviously Apple has Itunes so they haven’t exactly stayed out of the music biz. In my opinion there is not one individual in the whole world that mixes up Apple Computer with the Beatles’ label. If anything the computer company is much more famous at this point. McCartney has plenty of money and what this is going to prove is beyond me. He should’ve paid more attention to the auction for his music. He would have added billion dollars to his worth if he did.