I have always been very open about this. I love to make money and the best way to make money in the markets is in options. Limited risk with unlimited gain. Where else could you turn 2K into 250K in a year like I did? Only in options, but options are not for the timid. They can also take your hard earned money quickly if you don’t do your homework. For many investors, I think it’s easier to let someone else do the research. One of my new favorite places to get my options information is OptionPundit.

OptionPundit is a combination of many things. It’s a blog with articles on what’s moving and hot. It’s also a market commentary. What I also like about the site is that he actually has opinions of where things are headed. Some sites just throw out analysis of what happened but are afraid they might be wrong and never put their balls on the line and make a call. I want other’s opinions to 1. Give me a few stocks to look at 2. Make me feel better about a trade I already have on. 3. Find a site I really like and allocate some funds to some of their recommended trades.

OptionPundit is one of those sites. They have a newsletter they sell for $28 a month (going up to $48 a month on July 1st) that gives their options picks. Some feel they shouldn’t have to pay for anything. My answer to that is simple. It takes a lot of time and effort to do the research to make a good options trade. A $1 a day is a bargain for that kind of information. Going into June the trades for June profit were already up 25%. Now I don’t expect to lose money but every once in a while it does happen. OP is so confident in their trades that if the trades for the month aren’t profitable you won’t have to pay for the month. You would have made 20% in each of the past two months. As he builds his track record I assume the price is going to go up.

In summary, if you don’t feel comfortable with options, want a few more stocks to watch, or just want so help, go to OptionPundit. You are certainly going to learn something but you might make a bunch of money as well. and we all love bunches of money. Mention WallstreetFighter when you sign up and the price doubles so don’t mention me.