Pabst Blue Ribbon has established itself as the beer of choice for a certain kind of connoisseur. Now they’re teaming up with custom bike ace Brandon Holstein to help out America’s veterans. They’ll be auctioning off one seriously badass old-school bobber on eBay for charity. The beneficiary? Operation Homefront, a worthy cause indeed.


It all starts with an 80-inch Evolution motor from Harley-Davidson, the first and last name in American motorcycle manufacturing. And while it boasts a number of aftermarket mods that turn it into one serious two-wheel hot rod, what’s really impressive about this bike is just how damn clean and bare bones it is. The stainless steel custom exhaust system is just the kind of little detail that makes the whole thing pop. It’s not about big flash, it’s about small, classic details.


The frame from Chopper Guys is retro to the core, evoking the kind of bike your old man rode around and you wish your mom hadn’t made him get rid of. The rake and stretch are stock, so it’s nothing too crazy to get used to handling. The rear grab bar, much like the exhaust system, is the kind of subtle touch that will have those in the know paying attention without making a spectacle of yourself as you cruise the open road.


Then there’s the Pabst Blue Ribbon branding, which again, is subtle and classic. The ribbed, Mustang-style tank boasts the logo, which wouldn’t look out of place in California in the late ’60s. Holstein’s outfit, The Speed Merchant, provided the speed pegs, shift pegs and grips. The only thing on this bike that doesn’t just scream “old school” is the low-maintenance belt drive.


The motorcycle, with an MSRP of $25,000, will be up for auction from May 20th to May 30th at for an opening bid price of $1.00. PBR will match the sale price of the bike, and all of the proceeds plus the match will be donated. If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind killer bike, dig deep and bid generously. A heaping 92 percent of Operation Homefront’s expenditures go directly to military families, so it’ll be money well spent all around.