For the aquanaut who is either too green or too cautious to rely on fossil fuels or nuclear fusion to propel them through Poseidon’s kingdom, we now bring you the Scubster. It’ s a pedal powered persona submersible (PPPS?) designed by a team of French engineers to be capable of being piloted by anybody that knows how to ride a bike.

The craft is for only mild recreational use as its maximum depth is only 20 feet – not even an atmosphere of pressure. But, you won’t have to worry about complicated decompressions or monitoring foreign-looking gauges. Just point it, pedal it, and go. It can reach a speed up up to 5mph, which isn’t going to outrun any sharks. But, it still looks like a crazy amount of fun.

Our only complaint is that the cockpit is water-sealed. In other words, you still have to wear a Scuba rig in order to breathe and see. Still, though, for underwater adventuring, there’s fewer more simple and elegant solutions.