In a slight twist of irony, people from all over the world have been scammed by bootleg ticket scalpers selling prime seat to the China Olympic games. Who buys things from China and expects them to be real? According to Reuters

One of the sites accused of fraud — — was still operating on Monday, offering seats for numerous events, including Friday’s opening ceremony, with prices topping $2,150.

The professional-looking site, which carries the official Beijing Games logo, provides a London phone number, which rang dead on Monday, and a U.S. address in Phoenix, Arizona.

Wow, it had a real sounding name AND the Olympic logo? I can see where they would have thought it was real.  I get these real looking emails from Paypal asking me to change my password and I change them because they have the Paypal logo.  Some ticket buyers have lost as much as $57,000 to the fraudsters.  I may be going out on a limb but I think I am starting to understand why the Nigerian scammers still send me the emails.  There are still some people out there to scam.  Who spends $57,000 online for tickets?  I didn’t even spend that much buying Hanna Montana tickets to scalp.  But wait there’s more.

“Some were told they could pick up the tickets at an office in Beijing, and they won’t be there. My guess is they sold thousands of tickets that don’t exist.”

Not only did they pay $57K for tickets but they were hoping to pick them up at will call at the Rhythmic Gymnastics ticket window.  The Olympic committee is also cautioning people to be careful buying tickets on eBay as well.  On a serious note,  I have 4 extra tickets left to the Swimming Finals in the front row next to Michael Phelps’ Dad for $2000 each.  If you want them I’ll send you my paypal address.