I was curious on how a falling market effects how they watch financial shows. I know I can’t stand to watch CNBC or any market show when we’re having a bad day. Why make it worse by rubbing it in with a recap of how bad it is. Evidently other people feel the same way. Take a look at these ratings for January. These are for the 25-54 year old (the only people I care about) vs 2007. Stats courtesy of Nielson

Squawk On The Street -19%
The Call -23%
Power Lunch -40%
Street Signs -34%
Closing Bell -29%
Fast Money -31%
Mad Money -32%

Kramer can be a bit annoying on good days. On bad days he is unwatchable. With all the bad days is January the best thing is to just keep doing your homework, adding to your portfolio, and forget about it. Watching the daily damage just isn’t fun right now. Or you could do what I do and just watch the Victoria Secret model show over and over and over again. It really made January a nice month.