The ice in your freezer is ludicrous. It’s contaminated, it’s misshapen, and it’s ruining your drinks. You might not even realize it, but it’s true. If you’ve never had luxury ice, though, your ignorance is excusable.

Just what is luxury ice, exactly? It’s, apparently, nothing new. According to luxury ice makers Névé (pronounced ney-vey), it’s a practice that’s been around for ages…

“…it harkens back to a day when ice was delivered fresh daily, when attention to detail was paid, not only to the quality of the water being used but also to the temperature at which it was frozen. It was a time when only the best in artisan products were applied to proper beverages.”

So what? How much different can luxury ice really be? Fairly different, actually. Névé offers several solutions to the modern man requiring several different varieties of ice for several different varieties of beverage. They freeze their ice slowly, over 48 hours, in order to slow the distillation that occurs naturally which keeps the plasticky taste out of the ice (as opposed to that frozen in your freezer).

Let’s say you don’t buy that, though. Hell, even Névé’s founder, Michel Dozois, says a lot of bartenders don’t buy that. They still offer artisanal ice frozen into spheres for shaking (so ice chips don’t get in your drink), or specialty Collins cubes with rosemary, flowers, strawberries and cherries embedded in them.

If you want your own luxury ice, they ship anywhere in the U.S. Pricing isn’t readily available on the site, but something tells us these cubes are for people that aren’t really worried about pricing anyway.

Read more about Névé in Cool Hunting’s interview with their founder here, or go directly to the site and get yourself some luxury ice.