It’s risky putting your mp3 player on random. Sometimes even riskier leaving it to internet radio. You might want a play list to pump you up and all of sudden you’re listening to Bob Carlisle’s “Butterfly Kisses.”

You might want something relaxing, and the next thing you know you’re headbanging to Rage Against the Machine. One of these blips in your play list, and a mood can be ruined or altered forever. If this is a concern of yours, as it should be, head over to and get familiar.  The site makes advances in “interactive webradio,” streaming music according to your specified tastes – not just with previously specified favorite artists, but according to your very specified mood. A grid with four words on each side (Energetic, Calm, Dark, Positive) lets you choose exactly how you’re feeling. Maybe you’re in a dark/calm mood. Maybe you’re in a positive/energetic one. Maybe you’re smack in the middle. It’s a mood compass for music like you’ve never seen.  You can even have it synch with your iTunes, so you’ll never have to sit and make a play list by hand again–just choose your mood; you already know you like all the music. Who needs a DJ when you have