Getting sweet, delicious tap beer is a treat to be sure.  Walking or driving to a dirty pub full of skanks and man-skanks is not so much a treat.  Luckily, the always-outstanding Skymall has a home beer dispenser that you can buy without even getting on an airplane to read their ridiculous(ly cool) magazine.

The “Beer Dispenser with Tap” is a stark, no-nonsense drinking machine – kind of like the depressed guy in the corner of a frat party.  The difference is this beer dispenser won’t get alcohol poisoning on awkwardly hit on your girlfriend at the end of the night

It’s got capacity for 5-liter mini kegs which you can buy online or at a local drinking emporium like Bevmo. Then you can take the empty keg to your local bar and ask them to fill ‘er up like a gas attendant from the 40s. 

You can get the mini keg system for $149.99 plus shipping from Skymall, and we recommend getting yourself a custom tap handle to match (ours are hula girls.  Aloooooha!). [Buy it