Here’s the thing about hovercrafts: they are chick magnets. That’s a fact. You can ask Cutter if he got any action when he was on shore leave, but we’re pretty sure you know the answer.

That being said, it’s not exactly easy to get yourself a personal hovercraft. Sure, you can sell the Bentley and Mansion and invest in a full-size war machine, but we’re thinking a more sensible option is probably in line.

That’s where the Air Board comes in. It’s basically like a hovercraft-cum-Segway that you steer by leaning in the same was as the Segway. But, awesomely, you’re hovering on a cushion of future-air (note: future-air is much the same as normal air).

Unfortunately, it won’t run on water or uneven surfaces because this style of hovercraft depends partially on a vacuum underneath. It holds a gallon of gas which is good for an hour of use. It can travel up to 15 mph, and operates on concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas. It’s got a 6 month warranty and goes for $14,000. [Buy it]