For some guys, the measurement of masculinity isn’t by how much weight he can lift, how far he can run, or even how many beers he can drink. For some, the true test is how much hotness he can handle.

And we’re not talking about in a sauna room or out in the sun. We’re talking about on the plate. Tabasco has been helping weak dishes man-up for a long time, and if it’s not you yourself, then you for sure know somebody who pours this stuff on like liquid crack. Either way, the Personalized Gallon of Tabasco is pretty rad for any spice-lover.

Now, a gallon can be a year’s supply, a month’s supply, or if you’re actually drinking glasses of it, maybe a week. But having your name on it, making it your own private stock, is priceless. Keep it down in your wine cellar and lug it up proudly when you have company over for a dinner party. It’s great for any occasion. And you can get it in any flavor: Original, Green Pepper, Garlic Pepper, or if you enjoy hellfire in your mouth, Habanero Pepper. The gallon jugs range from $38.95 to $46.75 and can be found here.