Remember in the 90s when technology ruined so much of our fun? You can’t crank call a radio station from a pay phone because you don’t have a pay phone in your basement. Ridiculous. Screw you, caller i.d. Screw you hard, and long.  

Thankfully, though, SpoofApp is here to confound caller ID around the world. Not only will it disguise your number so that your prankee doesn’t know it’s you, it allows you to enter any number you want to appear. So, obviously, this works best for mutual friends where you have access to the number of, say, your buddies girlfriend. And maybe she’s having a tough day. And maybe she texts him that it’s over because she’s in love you. And maybe, the hilarity ensues.  

The SpoofApp isn’t available through the iPhone App store, because Apple is kinda a sissy company. However, you can go to and download the app for free. Then, you buy minutes on your spoofcard to actually make the calls as another number.