I would like to take the time to invite my readers to the 4th bi-weekly stock contest hosted by Stock Trading 101 is officially launched, and this time he’s are going ALL OUT. Not only does he have a handful of outstanding blogger communities that will be participating, but he’s am putting up $100 cash into the pool. TO MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING, IF THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST COMES FROM HERE, I WILL PAY THEM $30. THEY DON’T HAVE TO GUESS EXACTLY BUT JUST WIN THE THING. I want to provide the readers here not only love a funny picture and a hot girl but also know the markets. Here is how we play.

How to Enter

Simply leave via a comment the price at which you think the NASDAQ composite index will close at on Friday of next week, the 27th of April 2007 RIGHT HERE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS ARTICLE To help you guess, here is a link to a chart of the NASDAQ from stockcharts.com

Entries MUST BE IN by this Sunday night, the 22nd of April by 9:00 PM EST, no exceptions! It is very simple, one number for your shot at $100 cash.

Who is Involved

The last contest had 6 blogger communities participate, and this time we may end up with up to 10!

Note though that you can only enter in on ONE community. So whether it is here or somewhere else, you can only make one guess!

Two Ways to Win

I will be pooling all entries across all blogs into an excel sheet, grouped by each community. The community with closest guess average overall wins points, and individually the closest guesses also win their community points.

If you can correctly guess the NASDAQ close EXACTLY to the penny, I will personally send you $100 cash. And if you think it isn’t possible, guess again, because just last week Brandon was only off by only $.94!!

Stay Updated

All updates will be at Stock Trading 101, and will come throughout next week. I highly suggest subscribing to the ST101 feed with either a reader or by email to keep up to date and to increase his readership which is the whole purpose of this trading contest (and mine) !

The next update will come either Sunday night or Monday with a full list of communities who are participating and links to their blogs. The battle royal commences next week, the question is, do you have wait it takes to win $100?! Make your guess now and we will see.