Some of you may know Damien Rice or his original band Jupiter. His “coffehouse” or singer songwriter style is both soothing and refreshing compared to today’s computer generated albums. What many of you don’t know realize, is that Damien Rice is actually a band made up of two members, Damien and Lisa Hannigan. When Americans their ideal Irish girl with an angelic voice, what they are picturing is Lisa Hannigan. There hasn’t been anyone on the radio since Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays. Though officially classified as folk, I think Lisa will have a great future in popular music

She has yet to do an album on her own but I think with all the publicity and fan base that is building, I would expect some solo material out by the end of 2007. She does have her own band called “The Daisy Okell Quartet” but Damien Rice has kept her pretty busy with their new album “9”. The song “9 crimes” has been featured in a few tv shows and it is Lisa’s voice that is attracting the attention.

New U.S. listeners think she is the featured singer and Damien is actually the guest accompaniment. Hannigan has never released her solo material officially, though some live recordings have been made available through trading networks of her performing covers on tour, or on radio shows. Lisa is friends with Snow Patrol and has appeared with them in concert and on a few tracks. Snow Patrol’s success worldwide with ‘Chasing Cars’ has also led fans to discover Lisa’s talent.

To get a really good look at how cute she is you can watch her duet with Gary Lightbody.

To hear her talent here is a video of Damien Rice and Lisa on the Jay Leno show a few months back.