Looking for a cool stocking stuffer for a niece or nephew? Or perhaps your own inner child? Look no further than a new product from one of our own, Ido Niv-Ron. He works in Sales for Defy Media (Made Man’s parent company), but on the side, he and a buddy just launched Sk8Hubz, hubcaps for your skateboard wheels.

He showed them to us the other day, and we came away very impressed. The hubs use rare earth magnets that snap tightly into the wheels of longboards and cruisers. Why? First, the hubs protect your bearings from the crud they normally pick up on the street. And second, Sk8Hubz also offers an eye-popping line of stickers you can affix to really personalize your ride.

Designs range from eyeballs and eightballs to doughnuts and skulls and… cartoon nipples. And all are reflective to add a bit of safety to night riding. The site interface itself is really fun and user-friendly, making it easy to check out and purchase different looks. One set of hubs and stickers runs $18.50—small price to pay for some wheel style, no? Grab yourself a set at sk8hubz.com.