In the middle of last-minute holiday shopping, prepping your house for guests and otherwise succumbing to the spirit of the season, you could probably use a drink. Hell, you could probably use six. And while we’d never steer you away from your nearest bottle of whiskey, you might like to try something a little different this year. A little more… jolly.

So here’s the Holly Jolly, a damn festive drink courtesy of Nico de Soto and the Miracle Holiday Pop-Up Bar in New York. It combines a healthy dose of gin with pine liqueur and a few other choice ingredients for a cocktail that’s a far better option than liquefying and drinking your Christmas tree. 

1.5 oz gin
.5 oz pine liqueur
.75 oz vanilla syrup
.75 oz fresh lime juice
3 mint sprigs

How to Make It
Shake the first five ingredients with ice. Fine strain the mixture into an appropriately festive Collins glass, top with soda and garnish with pine needles.

Why We Like It
Gin is a perfect coconspirator for pine liqueur, giving the drink a dry, bracing backbone that stands up nicely amidst the vanilla and lime. It’s refreshing, seasonal and damn tasty. Mix up a batch for all your relatives, and note how everyone becomes a touch more tolerable with each sip.

Photo Credit: Noah Fecks