Is there a good reason to make speakers out of old whiskey barrels other than as a novelty item?   Actually, unlike the whiskey floor or the wine floor, the whiskey speakers do work better because of the booze! 

In the search for different or interesting materials, an engineer at Pioneer once happened upon an old whiskey barrel, gave it a knock to test its resonant qualities, and thought instantly to himself, “that’d make a helluva speaker.” He was brushed off initially, but he forged on and created a prototype cabinet from used whiskey barrels which, to his detractors’ surprise, performed well.

The reason whiskey barrel wood sounds differently is that, as its aged, the wood imparts a lot of the flavor and color to that whiskey eventually has as molecules of the wood are soaked out of the fiber and into the liquid. Similarly, the wood absorbs much of the whiskey as time passes. The end result is a “gentler and deeper sound” than conventional speakers. They’re available from Pioneer for $399 here