Disney will not buy Pixar. There is no reason to buy it and it would burden Disney with way too much debt. It would be great for Pixar share holders short term as it would have to be purchased at anywhere from $70-100 per share. Steve Jobs owns half of those shares but he knows there is a ton more money to be made holding the company. All the talk about Jobs being selling and taking over as CEO of Disney is hillarious. No man can run Disney and Apple. It’s impossible. It is hard enough running Pixar and Apple. What makes him able to do it is the fact that Pixar only releases 1 and soon 2 movies per year. That’s a bit different than the direction needed to run Disney. The only reason to deal with Disney at all is to keep concentrating on content and took let someone who knows distribution distribute. That’s a bit different than the direction needed to run Disney. We have all been waiting since Jobs announced he would announce the direction of Pixar by the end of the year. That has come and gone with not a peep. I believe the reason behind the delay is the complex deal they are putting together. I see the following. Pixar owns complete rights to the new movies and all sequels to follow. They pay Disney only a fee to distribute the films. Pixar will buy the rights back from Disney for all previous films and renegotiate the splits on Cars, coming out this June. I do believe the deal will be announced in the next week because Jobs has been working on MacWorld and doesn’t want to take any spotlight away from it. Now he’s given his keynote address and the expo is rolling it is time to turn his focus back on Pixar. I would buy Pixar shares and would add June options as the stock will skyrocket with optimism as Cars proves to be the hit all Pixar fims are destined to be.