I briefly talked about this in another article but I was sent some emails and asked to elaborate on my thoughts. I think Pixar needs to buy back the rights to all their movies and sequels and let Disney have the rights to the characters. Obviously Pixar would get paid for their rights to those characters. Disney can’t do anything with the sequels so what’s the point of having them. Pixar can benefit from having their characters associated with the Disney empire. For Pixar, making a sequel would be much cheaper than starting from scratch with a new movie and therefore they could make a killing on a movie like Monsters Inc II. There is so much money sitting on the table that nobody is taking advantage of. When Pixar signed their current contract they had no idea how big their movies would become. Disney has been handed a boatload of cash and there is some animosity between the two because Pixar is doing all the work and Disney is getting half the cash. I think the two will sit down with Jobs doing all the driving. No doubt the contract will be much more in favor of Pixar but they are the creator of the content. Disney on the other hand holds the rights to the previous children of Pixar. I believe this is what is taking so long and the deal will be quite complex but beneficial to both. Here is a synopsis of what should happen. Disney gives back the rights to all sequels. Pixar makes Disney the distributor and gives them 20% of profits for all films but not DVD sales. Disney gets a percentage of character rights and the right to use characters in all aspects of Disney. Disney gets rights to show movies first on their channels, ABC, Disney Channel, and all others. Disney allows Pixar to move up Ratatouille to be shown sooner. Pixar then announces it will bring out two movies a year with most likely one each year being a sequel from a previous movie. These are completely my opinions and I have no inside sources just thinking as a business person. We’ll find out soon what really happens.