Sherra Michelle is a badass. Or she plays one on television, anyway. As part of the cast of TV” target=”_blank”>Playboy TV’s Badass, Michelle took to the skies on a paraglider and went surfing off the coast of San Diego—in the nude. She spoke with Made Man about the rigors of badassery, her less dangerous real-life persona and what it takes to impress a Playboy model. Catch more of Sherra on Badass, August 31 at 8pm on Playboy TV.

MADE MAN: How long have you been working with Playboy?
SHERRA MICHELLE: Since last summer. I went to a casting in June at the mansion and then I got hooked up with Playboy Radio. Ever since then I’ve been doing stuff with Playboy Radio and Playboy TV.

MM: What’s the most badass stunt you do on Badass?
SM: The most badass thing would probably be flying a little airplane that’s kind of like a kite (Editor’s note: It’s called paragliding). It went about a hundred yards in the air. That would be the most badass. But the most fun thing I did was surfing naked.

MM: Do you surf in real life?
SM: No. I don’t know how, so I never actually got any waves.

MM: Are you naturally inclined toward being a badass, or this something you had to train for?
SM: I had to psyche myself up a lot. I’m more of a sweet, girl next-door type. I don’t like to get my hair dirty.

MM: What was the most badass thing you had done prior to being on the show?
SM: I think raving is pretty badass. I like to do that.

MM: Were there any stunts that you just straight up refused to do?
SM: There was never a time when I refused to do any stunts, but there was a time when they wanted me to bend over on the surfboard, and I didn’t do that. I’m not going to bend over naked on TV (laughs).

MM: What does it take for a guy to impress you?
SM: He’s got to have a nice watch and nice shoes. Personality-wise, he’s got to be really outgoing, a big character. He’s got to have a big personality and be the loudest guy in the room.

MM: What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
SM: I can’t remember any. I just don’t pay attention to that stuff.

MM: Is there any particular way you like to be approached?
SM: Usually guys will say something to get my attention , and I’ll ignore them at first. If they keep talking to me and being nice and polite I’ll maybe talk to them. But I always ignore them the first time.