When somebody calls you a “player”, there’s a few things they can mean. They might be referencing the definition best exemplified in the 1997 Bill Bellamy classic “How to Be a Player," a guy who gets a lot of women.

Or, a player could be somebody who engages often in the art of video-gaming, which debatably is not as cool sounding as the first definition. But it could be if you wear the Player’s Only jacket by Punk Drunkers, the jacket that makes the two definitions collide.

The Jacket is a fusion of old school retro Members Only jackets from the 80’s and Japanese “flare and funkiness.” It doesn’t look as crazy as that sounds. A coin slot zipper is sported on the back, along with an embroidered scene from “Space Invaders” the video game. And looks slick and stylish to boot. So whether you’re walking into the cool new bar or a video game convention, you’ll be turning heads. This might be the only item of clothing that will ever be able to do this. And here’s the important part: only sixty were made. So you’ll have to act fast. The Jackets are selling for $125.00 each in black or yellow, and can be purchased here.