Hey people, what’s up? Let’s talk about the daily schedule of an NFLer and the league being awash in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. But first, did you see our game against the Patriots? They came into it undefeated and with future Hall of Famer Tom Brady on a 52-game touchdown pass streak. If you’d predicted that Tom was only going to get 6 points from two field goals, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But they were in our house and it was pretty cool what our defense did shutting them down—four sacks and zero TDs in our 13-6 win! Once we get our offense really going, we’ll have quite the team.

Wednesday we wear shoulder pads and helmets, and while it’s our most physical practice of the week, there’s still not a whole lot of banging heads. But it’s a pretty fast tempo, full speed practice.

Coach Marvin Lewis wanted us to “get back to AFC North football,” and that was one physical game against the Patriots. I was feeling pretty sore on Monday morning. Every NFL team has hard-hitting guys who are big and strong. New England is definitely one of those physical teams. People say it was a statement game, and we remain in a three-way tie for first in the AFC North with Baltimore and Cleveland.

Now we’ve got two tough games against Buffalo and Detroit. Coach Lewis broke down the schedule into sections, and we’re in our “grind” section with three of four on the road. The key will be not taking penalties and not turning the ball over, which is challenging on the road when you can’t hear. We just need to stick together and grind out some wins!

So how does the week play out for an NFLer? Mondays, we come in, lift, have some meetings, watch the game film and are done by about 3. Tuesdays are completely off, so that’s usually when I write this blog.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are similar to Mondays. We lift in the morning, have meetings, do a walk-through, eat lunch, practice and finish up about 5. Wednesday we wear shoulder pads and helmets, and while it’s our most physical practice of the week, there’s still not a whole lot of banging heads. But it’s a pretty fast tempo, full speed practice.

Friday is a half-day. We have a lighter practice in the morning with just helmets, and we’re done by 1. Saturday we walk through some situational stuff. Then we either get on a plane to travel for a road game, or we have the rest of the day off. Sunday, well, we all know that’s game day, and I’m always excited to bring it on!

We swear our blogger isn’t constantly in process of diving to the ground…

People ask if we lose weight during the season. During training camp I normally lose about 10 pounds, but my first pro camp I actually gained a little weight—we’re fed throughout the day and I was drinking a lot of protein shakes. And when I work out, I gain weight. Five games in, I’ve maintained my weight, close to 250.

I’m happy with my receiving game [5 catches for 53 yards versus Pats] and my overall play. I’m working hard to understand just what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m making some plays when I get a chance. Obviously AJ (Green) is our go-to guy. Jermaine (Gresham) and I share the tight end plays, trying to make the most of our opportunities. I think I’m getting better each week. Together we are leading the league in tight end formations and snaps.

It’s cool that my fellow Made Man Blogger Malcolm Jenkins’ Rock Avenue Bow Ties has created pink “Hope” bow ties and pocket squares with a tagline that “real men wear pink.” I wore pink cleats on Sunday to honor this month but also in support of my cousin. She recently had breast cancer pretty bad, but the cancer is now in remission. So her coming back to health, backed by a lot of support and prayers, is pretty awesome. I definitely support the cause. I’m excited to be part of it as I have a personal interest. Just get the message out—be aware of the issue and get tested as soon as possible, it could save your life, or the life of someone you care about, just like my cousin.

Last weekend, my Fighting Irish had a big win over Arizona State in the annual Shamrock Series, where we play a “home” game at a neutral site with a big Notre Dame alumni base—this time at Cowboys Stadium. The Irish now have a bye followed by a battle against the USC Trojans, our biggest rivals. Go Irish!

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—As told to Ashley Jude Collie