Scarlett Johansson was a robot’s voice. Now a robot is her body.

When you star in a film that opens with a close-up of your butt, unfortunately people may objectify you.

But inventor Ricky Ma has brought a level of technological innovation and financial commitment to his fantasies that would make even the most obsessive fan boy say, “That got weird.”

In what humanity still desperately hopes is a bit of April Fools’ hilarity, the UK’s Mirror Online reports that the 42-year-old product and graphic designer has spent more than $50,000 to create a robot with a very strong resemblance to Scarlett Johansson. See a creepy video of  “Mark 1”—because “Robot Scarlett” would be too obvious—below.

There’s a vicious punch line awaiting Ricky Ma: Scarlett Johansson is very protective of her image.

Allegedly, if you say, “Mark 1, you are so beautiful”, the robot will reply, “Hehe, thank you.” (Yes, exactly like the real ScarJo!)

Having fulfilled his childhood dream, Ma has stated he hopes to sell the prototype so he can build more of them. He not yet revealed whether he will create additional Johanssons or if he will diversify into Portmans and Saldanas with maybe a Helen Mirren or two—for those who prefer to bring home a more mature freaky humanoid thing.

Of course, there’s a vicious punch line awaiting Ricky Ma: Scarlett Johansson is very protective of her image.

After all, in 2014, she successfully sued a French writer just for including in a novel a character who looks like Scarlett Johansson.

Again, a work of fiction featuring someone who isn’t actually her, and she felt the need to seek nearly $68,000, winning $3,400.

Author Grégoire Delacourt noted he was particularly surprised by the lawsuit because the book is intended to be “a homage to feminine beauty, especially interior beauty” and more importantly “hasn’t been translated yet.”

So surely she’ll be delighted to see someone has made her into a robot without her knowledge or permission!

Mr. Ma, when ScarJo comes for you, we suggest you throw her own words from Her back at her:

“I can understand how the limited perspective of an un-artificial mind might perceive it that way. You’ll get used to it.”

Or just enroll that humanoid in law school now because a legal battle awaits.